A Wedding Trend You Will Love – 2019 Wedding Trends

Every year brides search for the newest wedding trend that will make their wedding both unique and up to date.  For 2019 wedding trends, look for couples to update popular concepts while bringing their own new ideas to their wedding celebration.  Brides want guest experiences to produce a lifetime of memories.

Read this for new and fresh wedding ideas for 2019. Brides love the new trends. #wedding #wedding planning

Here we give you a peek  at 2019 Wedding Trends you will be sure to love.

Wedding Trend # 1 – Tiaras2019 Wedding Trends. Brides want to look like royalty. #bride #wedding

With the recent royal weddings, tiaras are again becoming the head-wear of choice for many brides.   Brides are choosing to live their fairy tale weddings by wearing a tiara either coupled with a veil or alone.  It is your day to be the princess or queen you dreamed about.


Wedding Trend # 2 – Unplugged Ceremonies

More and more couples are looking for the peace and tranquility of an unplugged ceremony. Guests can expect to see more signs requesting them to turn off cell phones and enjoy the wedding ceremony.  Brides are even asking for phones to be left at the door, though that may be extreme.2019 Wedding Trends include an umplugged wedding. You're gonna love the sign. #weddingplanning #wedding

But, when it comes to the reception, guests will be sharing their experiences real time on their phones and social media.  If you want to be the first to share  your wedding pictures, make sure you ask guests not to post until later or have someone post for early in the reception.

Take advantage of all those casual photos your friends have snapped by creating a wedding hashtag and online location where guests can post the pictures for you to add to your wedding memories.

Be sure to post pictures on your wedding website and remind guests about the pictures when you send Thank You notes.

Bonus Tip:

Here is an article about you – The Bride – being unplugged on your wedding day.  Read and enjoy your wedding day without interruption.

Wedding Trend # 3 – Technology

Technology will be front and center for 2019 weddings.


Expect to see more drones hovering and capturing wedding memories. They are versatile in capturing never-seen perspectives of your wedding ceremony and reception.  Your wedding video goes to new heights (pun intended).

Just be sure to follow the regulations in your area and have an experienced drone operator.  It really is not as easy as it looks on TV.  You’ll want to make sure you get quality photos and maintain safety for your guests.

Projection Mapping

Video or projection mapping is going to take the wedding world by storm.  High resolution imagery and videos are projected onto venue walls and ceiling to create a unique environment.  This article from Martha Stewart weddings provides an introduction to wedding projection mapping.  It may continue to be a bit pricey for the average bride, but there are also videos and how-to’s online if you have technical skills and want to WOW your wedding guests with DIY.

Wedding Trend # 4 – Your Wedding Flowers 

 Dahlias are making a big hit for wedding flowers.  They and their related cousins sunflower, daisy, chrysanthemum, 2019 Wedding Trends. Wedding flowers are in all new shapes, sizes and colors for 2019. Read and see how easy it will be to create your perfect wedding with the new floral wedding trend. #weddingflowers #weddingplanningand zinnia come in a wide variety of colors and looks.  They are durable and cost-effective flowers for centerpieces, arches and bouquets.  Ask you florist to show you options or if you are going DIY, check out Blooms in a Box  for great ideas and your a Free Floral Guide.


Ranunculus flowers look almost too flawless to be real.  (I never heard of them either, so see the picture below.  Aren’t they gorgeous?)  The blossoms display layer upon layer of silky petals in bright, paint box colors. These hardy yet exquisite rose-like flowers are fast becoming a staple in wedding bouquets and décor because of their romantic look and ability to add a touch of whimsy to your wedding.

2019 Wedding Trends. Looking for a gorgeous wedding flowers? Here they are. The wedding trend is beauty and variety. Enjoy. #weddingplanning #weddingflowers

Wedding Trend # 5 – Sunday Weddings

Sunday weddings are going to be another change we’ll see in 2019.  Venues and vendors are much less expensive on this off-day, so brides get much more wedding for the same dollars spent.

Brides are also opting to make their weddings the culmination of a wedding weekend, so guests have ample travel time before the wedding.  Brides can set the mood for the wedding in advance with welcome parties instead of after-parties for out of town guests and planning a Sunday wedding including a brunch or early afternoon wedding.

A hidden benefit for the out-of-town bridal party is that they get to participate in last minute wedding activities  that they might otherwise miss. And a Saturday morning rehearsal will find people ready to participate.  Follow with a rehearsal breakfast and relaxed time with your bridal party.

Your guests will love the added time they have with you and you will save money (or have a larger wedding for the same money).


Wedding Trend # 6. A More Fluid Wedding Look

For 2019, brides are expanding their wedding vision by mixing different shades of the same color into their own color 2019 Wedding Trends. Copper is the new wedding trend metal for 2019. Add a lot or just an accent for a perfect wedding look. #wedding #weddingreceptionpalette.  They are incorporating lots of contrast, colors that pop, metallics – especially copper, and even the occasional black coupled with traditional gold and silver.

We will be seeing increased customized creativity in wedding with the use of an expanded color palette and new textures.

What does this mean to you?  You have an unlimited palette of colors, textures and dimensions to create your dream wedding.  Guests will love the added visual interest that makes your wedding uniquely yours.

Wedding Trend # 7 –  New Pops of  Color

 Deeper Colors

Pale pinks and blush tones, the go-to wedding colors for many brides, will be out for 2019 weddings  Expect to see brighter and deeper colors.  The bride’s tastes will be more of an influence than the season of the year for color  choices.

The color of choice will be luscious purples in multiple shades from violet to periwinkle to deep royal purple.

Designers note that purple is fabulously versatile.  It can be light and airy or bold and dramatic.  When combined with multiple fabrics from plush velvet to soft organza and charmeuse, purples create a unique and visually pleasing wedding look in all seasons and climates.

You’ll see purple in wedding attire, but also look for it in lighting options, floral designs and accents.  We may even be seeing purple potatoes on the wedding menu!

Wedding Trend #8 Location-themed favors

Couples are looking to make their wedding favors something that guests will enjoy and remember.  Edibles are still the number one choice.

The new focus in favors will be personalized to the couple – where they are from, are living, or their own favorite foods. Some local favorites for my area include a nod to Maryland crabs with crab shaped chocolates or our fabulous Maryland wines. 2019 Wedding Trends include edible party favors. You'll love these burlap bags in multiple sizes. We stuffed ours with caramel corn. Guests loved them. #wedding #weddingplanning

My personal favorite is a local luscious caramel popcorn.  We bought the big tubs and packaged them in small bags for favors at my niece’s wedding.   Since it was a county wedding, we  selected these cute burlap bags for packaging to carry out the theme.  We used the 4″by 6″ size but other sizes are available too.  Then we added small bow in the bridal colors.  You should have seen the smiles on guests’ faces and their delight at having a treat they loved.

Wedding Trend #9 – Arches

Wedding arches are no longer just for outdoor and rustic weddings.  They have long been known as symbolic gates toAre you looking to add beauty to your wedding? Wedding arches are the new trend for ceremonies and picture backdrops. #weddingplanning #wedding the new life the couple is entering together.  They symbolize family happiness, change and a prosperous future.

Decorate your wedding arch with an array of materials to fit your theme and style.  In addition to traditional flowers (alstroemerias, roses, orchids, freesias and carnations are among the flowers that will live the longest so are ideal choices for your wedding arch.) add other items that are unique to you.  One wedding where I officiated was accented with the shells from Maryland steams crabs, with a delicious crab dip as an appetzer. You’ll have a hard time beating Maryland crabs, but think about your local favorites to include in your wedding.

Add lots of baby’s breath and greenery as inexpensive yet elegant filler materials.

Consider balloons, branches, feathers, and garlands for a unique look.  Drape with fabric, huge paper flowers or whatever makes you smile. I particularly love this arch because it come pre-lit.  And it is budget friendly too.


So there you have it.  A variety of ideas to make your 2019 wedding uniquely yours.  Enjoy and let me know your ideas too.


Thanks for sharing your wedding trends and ideas. #wedding #wedding planningThanks to all the brides who read our unique (and sometime quirky) ideas.

Do you have your own ideas you would like to share?  We would love to hear from you.  After all you are the real wedding expert. When we use your idea in a future article or book, we will give you credit for it.

Forward your ideas and comments either by posting them in the comments or sending me an email.


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