When Wedding Planning – 11 More Tips For Brides to Create Their Special Day

When wedding planning, you will be faced with planning what may be the largest event you have ever planning, and certainly one of the most important ones of your life.  These 11 Tips will will help you focus on what is important and accomplish the things that will make your wedding dreams come true.  Read on and find the magic you can create when wedding planning for your special day.

Read 11 More Tips for Wedding Planning. Brides you will be glad you implemented these to simplify your wedding planning and create your dream wedding ceremony and reception. Hugs. #weddingplanning #wedding

Stay True to Your Vision When Wedding Planning 

Read 11 More Tips for Wedding Planning. Ideas and advice to make your wedding planning easier and your wedding day dream come true. Bride tested and approved. Hugs. #wedding #weddingplanning

Before you start your wedding planning, and throughout the process, take the time to envision the total picture of how you want to remember your wedding day. Write your vision down in detail.  Refer to it when faced with wedding decisions.  Ask yourself “Does this support my total wedding vision?  Is my money better spent?”  It is so much easier to make decisions when you are focused on the total picture and how you want to remember your wedding day.


Formula for Your Dream Wedding

When Wedding Planning - 11 More Tips for Brides. Bride tested and approved for creating the wedding dream wedding. Wedding planning simplified. Please read. #wedding #weddingplanning

Here is an easy formula for your dream wedding.

  • Set up your budget.
  • Decide what parts of the wedding day are most important to you.
  • Spend your money on the important things.
  • Cut spending in areas that are not as important to you.
  • Planning Results = Dream Wedding.

Stop Looking When Wedding Planning 

Once you make your wedding decisions, stop second guessing yourself. You simplify your wedding planning and are much happier when you stop looking for more ideas once your decision is made.  Your budget will thank you too as you avoid making duplicate purchases.

Can’t Please Everyone  When Wedding Planning 

11 Tips for Brides When Wedding Planning. Bride tested and approved. Hugs. #wedding #weddingplanning

You will find that everyone has an opinion.  Some you will like, and others will make you sigh.

You are not here to make everyone else’s wedding dream come true.  If you do not walk down the aisle to Aunt Martha’s favorite wedding song,  or use the traditional wedding music used by your family for generations, it is OK.  Let the drama be their problem, not yours. You are not doing all this work to please everyone.  It’s your day.  Let it go and concentrate on what makes you and your partner happy.

Bachelorette Party – When It is Not Your Style

Not only is the wedding day all about you and what you like, so are the wedding preparations and parties.

If a raucous bachelorette party is not your style, say so.  It is your wedding.  Ask your Maid of Honor to plan something you will enjoy or skip the bachelorette party all together.

Forget About Perfection When Wedding Planning 

Many brides worry about having the absolutely perfect wedding day.  (Okay, that is an awesome dream and what everyone wants.)  But the result is that brides become so stressed watching every detail unfold on their wedding day that it is almost like they are waiting for something to go astray.

What happens?  They miss out on the little awesome moments that are memorable and are going on around them while they wait for the one thing that might (but probably won’t) go wrong.

When things do not go exactly as planned, enjoy the moment and make incredible  spontaneous memories.  Don’t fret about the mistakes or problems.  They really do not matter in the big picture, and often make the best memories.

Making Decisions When Wedding Planning 

Read 11 more tips from brides about wedding planning and how to create your dream wedding day. Bride tested and approved. Hugs. #weddingplanning #wedding Don’t ever make important wedding planning decisions when you are tired, frustrated, or stressed.   Forcing a decisions “now” because you are being pushed or “just to get it over with”, will surely lead to regrets.

Don’t make decisions when you are overly happy either.  You are likely to overspend.

Wait until you are in a calm place emotionally, carefully weight the options, then go for it!  You got this one.

Compromise When Wedding Planning 

Compromising on your dream wedding is difficult.  But remember it is your partner’s day as much as yours.  Compromise is the best way to start a new marriage.   If you both have things you want that conflict, play the child’s game – You pick one, then I pick one.  It will help you prioritize what is important to you as you also have to pick your highest preferences first. (Be a big girl and offer to allow him to have first pick.)

Spend on What Is Important When Wedding Planning

Read 11 more wedding planning tips that brides have tested and approved. Make your wedding day special, relieve budget worries and relaz. Hugs. #wedding #weddingplanning


Put your money where your dreams are.  Spend your money on what is important to you.

Each bride has her own priorities.  Whether it is food, music, flowers, or your dress, make sure you spend where you are creating the memories you will treasure.  There is no right or wrong – just be sure to spend on what is important to you.


Enjoy the Process When Wedding Planning

Don’t allow people to frustrate or upset you when you are wedding planning.  Your wedding day is all about you.  Welcome ideas when others offer them, but always keep in mind it is your wedding.  Enjoy your wedding planning experience as well as the wedding day.  If others are not positive, you may just want to ask them to step back so you can enjoy.

Realistic Expectations – Necessary, But Difficult When Wedding Planning 

11 More Tips for Wedding Planning that will make your day speical. Planning tips that are bride approved and tested. Your ceremony and reception will be filled with joy and memories. Hugs. #wedding #weddingplanning
Chris and Angelis

Be realistic in your expectations and watch wedding planning stress evaporate.

Fairy tales are not real.

Just because you saw it on Pinterest or at another wedding does not mean it is practical or even possible for your wedding.  Products, such as flowers, styles of venues and rental items may be not available in your area – or are prohibitively expensive.

Pinterest and wedding magazine weddings are staged.  No matter how much money you spend (unless you have an unlimited budget) you will not have the look of the staged, photo-shopped wedding you see advertised.  Enjoy your wedding and make it all about you.


So there you have it 11 easy ideas to simplify and improve your wedding planning.  We will continue to post ideas and help for our brides and hope you find them helpful.

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