Unplugged Bride – Focusing on Your Wedding Without Interruptions

I will be the first to admit, the thought of being unplugged is difficult to accept, especially on the most important day of your life.  Trust me, make the decision to be unplugged.  You will be glad you did.

 “Please sit back, relax, enjoy the celebration, and most importantly, we urge you to unplug and be present in the festivities and events of the day.”  This quote is often seen on wedding invitations and signs requesting guests to unplug for the wedding ceremony and reception.  But how many brides and grooms take their own advice?

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Why Get Unplugged?

Take the time to focus on your wedding day – every moment is special and memorable to you.  How much will you remember of your day when you are constantly checking your phone, responding to texts, even viewing social media?

As you transition to a new life, this is the opportunity to focus in appreciation and gratitude for the life you were given and the future that lies before you. Don’t miss out by being online.

Solitude – An Unexpected Benefit of Being Unplugged

Solitude provides the stillness and quiet required to evaluate our lives and reflect on the message in our hearts.  We are in a world where outside noise is coming quicker and louder than ever.  The need for a bit of solitude is apparent, especially on one of the most important days of your life.

Life Is Happening Right in Front of You. – Get Unplugged and Enjoy It.

While you live in an electronic age, the true nature of life has not changed. Life, at its best, is happening right in front of you.  Your wedding experiences will never repeat themselves. These conversations are unfiltered and authentic. And the love is real. But if you are too busy staring down at your screen, or returning messages, you will miss them  (and never have a chance to experience them again).

Live in the moment, enjoy the people, the atmosphere, your own thoughts – all the feelings of your wedding day.

Avoid  An Emotional Roller Coaster by Being Unplugged

unplugged, bride, wedding, roller coaster, groom, ceremony, wedding dayBeing constantly connected puts you on an emotional roller coaster.  Think about how many times you have received an “urgent” text message, followed in a few moments by the notice that the disaster has been averted and all is well. You do not need to know if the caterer is ten minutes late, or there is a 10% chance of showers later in the evening.  There is nothing you can do about it anyway.  You do not need this kind of added stress on your wedding day.  You have others in place and ready to handle any issues that may arise.  Relax and allow them to do their jobs for you.

The Start of Your Unplugged Day

Instead of reaching for your phone as soon as you wake up, take the time to concentrate on yourself and your wedding day.  You will have a more relaxed day when you focus solely on yourself, your groom, and your wedding.   Henry Ward Beecher once said, “The first hour is the rudder of the day.”  Spend it and the rest of your day wisely.    Remember the world continued to spin without your input while you slept, so it can surely do so for the most important day of your life. What could possibly be more important today than your wedding?

 Spare Time

There may be quiet time on your wedding day, but there really is no spare time to spend surfing the net, reading texts, or answering calls.  They are all just distractions that will take you from the serenity and joy of your wedding day. Resist the urge to fill quiet moments by plugging in.

Write Your Thoughts

unplugged, wedding day, calm, bride, groomRecord your thoughts and feelings in a wedding journal you can share with your new spouse and preserve for a lifetime.

By putting your quiet time to appropriate use, and jotting down your thoughts and feelings, you are saving once in a lifetime moments that flash by quickly. You will be glad you took the time to jot them down so you can recall them later.  Don’t worry about full sentences, grammar, or punctuation.  You are preserving thoughts and feelings, not publishing a book.


Streamline Who You Need To Connect With

 Make a list of people you  need to be in contact with, then provide them with an alternate contact number. (Keep your list as brief as possible.)   Set their minds at ease that nothing is wrong when you do not respond, but make sure they understand you will not be available. They can get an “urgent” (be sure to stress “urgent”) message to you if needed, and you will contact them if you need them too.

You may also need to be connected to some people such as vendors, your officiant etc.   Delegate this responsibility to someone you trust and  then relax.  A designated contact can handle and convey all messages that you really need to see and handle those that you do not need to see.

Tell People in Advance

Tell people in advance who routinely call, text, message or email you, that you are unplugged for your wedding, and when you will be online again.  Ask them for their support by not contacting you during this time.  If you feel you must, provide them with the alternate contact information but make sure they understand they should not expect to connect with you directly until after the wedding.

Do You Need to Connect with Your Bride/Groom?

 Decide in advance if you will talk to each other before you meet on your wedding day.  Stick to your decision.  Preserve the mystery of your wedding day by allowing the anticipation of talking to each other to grow until you first see each other.  You really do not need to know every preparation detail while it is happening.  Agree that all is well, unless your designated contact receives an important message from your significant other (and it had better be a legitimate need, not just a “Hi. Whatcha doing?”).

Lock It Up

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Don’t trust yourself to keep your anti-tech word? Give your phone to someone else to hold or simply leave it at home.

You could even ask a friend to install a password that only he/she can unlock on your wedding day.  There is no way you can cheat if you do not have access.

Can’t Go Cold Turkey?

Turn your phone off, not just to screen saver.  Don’t race to answer messages or calls.  Let them go to voicemail and then check in from time to time if you must.

Studies show that mobile phone owners routinely check their devices every 6.5 minutes.   That is 65 times in a 10-hour period.  Do you really want your special day interrupted that many times?

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

The Fear of Missing Out is an emerging psychological disorder brought on by technology. We are accustomed to a constant stream of notifications.  The fear of being left out is real.  Just remember that everyone who is important to you is preparing for your wedding too.  You will be seeing them today and you are the center of attention that everyone is talking about.  You can’t miss out, when you are the center of all that is happening.  Make yourself content with knowing they can fill you in on the details you may have missed later.



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