11 Tips for Last Minute Wedding Planning From Former Brides

We asked former brides for their advice on what they wish they knew as part of their wedding planning.  We were surprised (and delighted) when several shared last minute wedding planning advice.  While all said their wedding day was unforgettable – even magical according to Kim – they also shared these simple ideas for last minute wedding planning that would have made their own weddings run just a bit smoother.  Please read and use what you would like for your wedding.


Read these tips from former brides for last minute tips they wish they knew for their wedding day. Brides find how to make your ceremony and reception the day you have worked so hard to see. Hugs. #wedding #weddingplanning #bride

Take Time to Rest

Last Minute Wedding Planning Necessity

The day before your wedding can be hectic and stressful, especially when you  include a lot of DIY in your wedding planning.  Take time to rest on the day before the wedding so you can make sure you are enjoying your wedding.  You will have lots to do on your wedding day, and when you start it feeling exhausted, you will not relish the day – or even remember many of the details.  You don’t want the only memories of your wedding day to be from wedding photographs and videos because you were too tired to remember.

An Alcohol Free Rehearsal

Last Minute  Wedding Planning for the Perfect Ceremony

Your wedding rehearsal should be a serious attempt to finalize your wedding ceremony and make sure the details the next day go according to your plan.  Ask your wedding party to forego the alcohol until after the rehearsal is over.  You will find your rehearsal goes much smoother, you are less stressed, and your attendants are more likely to remember their instructions.  There is plenty of time to party at the rehearsal dinner.

Plan Your Getting Ready Music

11 Last Minute Wedding Planning Tips from Former Brides. You'll be glad your read these before your wedding. Make your wedding day run smoothly and filled with joy. Hugs. #wedding #weddingplanning #weddingtips #weddingideas #brideDo you have songs that you just love?  That set you dancing and singing and brighten your mood every time you hear them?  Songs that remind you of your partner and how much you love him/her?

Create a getting-ready playlist and have it playing as you are getting ready for your wedding.  Sing along, dance along, have a great time. Wedding stress disappears.


Shine Your Ring

Last Minute Wedding Planning Bling

Your'll love this gorgeous set of wedding rings. I can't stop looking at them. Click to make them your own Everyone will be looking at your hands on your wedding day.  Your engagement ring will dazzle guests when you have it cleaned and polished in the days before your wedding.

If you don’t have time for a trip to the jeweler a do-it-yourself clearing will remove hairspray, lotion, makeup, perfume and more.  Make a solution of warm water (not too hot) and dish washing soap.  Soak your ring for 20-40 minutes.  Gently brush the stone and any details with a soft toothbrush  Rinse with warm running water and repeat if needed.

Use a soft cloth made of cotton (not paper towels – they will scratch the metal) to dry, or better yet, just let it air dry.

Instant dazzle, sparkle and bling.

Prepare Vendor Tips

Last Minute  Wedding Planning For Your Reception Peace of Mind

Prepare your vendor tips in advance.  Decide how much tip you want to give and place it in an envelope with the vendor’s name t on the front.  Ask someone you trust to take care of the tipping.

Sometimes vendors go way beyond what is expected of them.  If you find you want to tip more than you originally planned, you can always send a “Bonus tip” with your thank you note and your testimonial/ Read 11 Tips for Last Minute Wedding Planning shared by former brides. Your wedding day will run smoothly with these things most brides never even think about. Hugs. #wedding #bride #weddingplanning #weddingideas #weddinginspiration recommendations.  Be sure to include in your note what the vendor did that was extra special to your day. Recommendations are the bread and butter for most wedding vendors and will be greatly appreciated.

Don’t pre-seal your envelopes.  Use smaller denomination bills.

You can slip some money out of the envelope before giving to the vendor if the full tip is not warranted.
On the positive side, it is much easier for the vendor to share your tip with staff when it is already broken down for them.

Get What You Want

You Are the Bride – Last Minute Wedding Planning You Must Do

Be assertive about what you want.  When you do your final pre-wedding meeting with your vendors or venue walk-through, don’t just accept things that are not done as agreed.  If you have a commitment (especially if you have a contract) to have something completed in  a certain way, then you should have the expectation that it will be completed as agreed.  Don’t settle to keep the peace.  You are paying for what you want. No need to get nasty or go bridezilla, but don’t lay down like a lamb either.  You are the bride.  You have the power to make it happen.

Bring Your Marriage License

Last Minute Wedding Planning to Make It Legal

Please read 11 Tips for Last Minute Wedding Planning from Former Brides to learn the things you will probably not think about on your wedding day until it is too late. Brides are so gals they did. Hugs. #wedding #bride #weddingplanning #weddingideas #weddinginspiration #weddingtips #weddingadvicce Be sure to bring your marriage license and provide it to your officiant.  He/she can only perform a legal marriage when they have the marriage license.  If you are having your officiant attend your rehearsal, ask if you can give it to them then, and there is one less thing for you to worry about on your wedding day.  Also plan who should take care of the signed license.  You will be much too busy enjoying your day to keep track of it.


Have Someone to Lean On

Last Minute Wedding Planning You Have Not Considered

Plan to have someone else oversee all the other people in your life who normally depend on you – children, parents, etc.  when you are getting ready for your wedding.  You will be too busy taking care of getting yourself ready to direct their preparations as well.  Make sure they have someone besides you to lean on for the assurances they will need.

For children it should be someone they are comfortable with and will obey.  How about your child care provider or babysitter? Children are used to spending time with him/her and taking instructions.  They will be honored to be part of your special day.

Getting to the Venue

Last Minute Wedding Planning and Time To Make Changes

Take the time to plan how you will exit from your house or bridal suite to the venue.  If you will go outside or have to be transported, clear your path of hindrances that could block your walk.  Small sticks and stones can make you trip or get caught in your gown; overexcited pets, unsteady stairways, or a narrow doorway can impact how you move.

Place a carpet on the floor or ground to prevent the bottom of your dress from getting soiled.  Once you get to the car, enter slowly, and backwards.  Then swing your legs in last.

And also prepare for weather – just in case.  How will you get to your ceremony if it is raining buckets, snowing a blizzard or blowing like a hurricane?  You will want to protect fragile wedding attire, hair and makeup from harsh weather conditions to preserve your perfect wedding look.

Give Reassurances

Last Minute Wedding Planning for Your Partner

11 Last Minute Wedding Planning Tips from Former Brides. Read to learn tips these brides wish they had known before their wedding day. Hugs. #wedding #weddingplanning #bride #weddinginspiration #weddingadvice #weddingideasMake sure you and your partner are not worrying on your wedding day.  Keep each other in the loop if there are delays or changes.  Emotions run high and insecurities often crowd our thoughts.

Create a communication plan with your partner ahead of time so you both know the rules of when and how you will communicate with each other before the wedding.  You can reduce the stress levels for both you and your partner  by something as simple as passing a love note to each other, or a small gift of reassurance.


At the Speed of Light

Your wedding day will be over before you know.  Time will fly so quickly that you won’t know where it went.  Plan to be a guest at your own wedding and treasure every second.

I’d Love to Hear from You

If you have ideas to help our brides, please enter them in the comment area, or send me an email.  When we use your idea in our blog, Pinterest, or book, we will give you credit.  I’d to hear from you after all you are the real wedding expert.  You are living your dream.

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