Something Borrowed, Something Blue -Wedding Memories (Part II)

something old, something borrowed, tradition

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed signifies the support from the community of family and friends surrounding you, the bride and groom, on your wedding day and in your new life as a married couple.

The possibilities for something borrowed are nearly endless.  If you need something on your wedding day, and someone you know has one, ask if you can borrow it.  It really is that simple.

Borrowed can be anything from something very special such as your grandmother’s earrings or your mother’s pearls that she wore on her wedding day, or it could something that you just like.

Something Borrowed from Your Mother-in -Law

something borrowed something blue, wedding, tradition One special idea a bride shared with me is that on the Mother’s Day before his wedding, her groom, Adam, gave pearl earrings  (something his Mom had always wanted) to his mother thanking her for her love and support through his life and into his future life as a new husband.  For the wedding, his new bride Amy borrowed the earrings from her new-mother-in-law and explained that they were significant to her because they symbolized a lifelong dream that Adam had turned into reality, and they  represented the love Adam had for his mother and her love for  him.  It was a touching moment for everyone.  A special note was printed in the wedding programs so that everyone understood the significance of the earrings Amy wore. A new  tradition was born.

Something Borrowed – Wedding Words

As an officiant, I often get referrals from couples I have married (Thank You!) or from guests who have attended weddings where I officiated.  While I create every ceremony uniquely, I hear requests to include a certain reading that the couple particularly enjoyed at the earlier wedding.

When this happens, I recommend that they contact the prior couple and ask if they can borrow the words, and then we work to incorporate them into their vows or ceremony.  The original couple is always pleased to hear their ceremony was remembered and the new couple does not have to search for something similar (but not quite as good).

Something Old Can Be Something Borrowed too.

Take a quick peak back at the Something Old, Something New post after you finish reading this.  It is quite common for Something Old to also serve as the bride’s Something Borrowed.

Something Borrowed could be:

  • Your grandmother’s wedding veil or one from anyone in your family (or friend). ( A side benefit is that veils ca be very expensive, and only worn until the reception.  Borrowing is a huge relief to your budget.)
  • Your mother’s wedding dress.
  • The cake knife and server from a sibling’s wedding. No one really pays attention to these items, so give your budget a tiny break and borrow them.
  • Centerpiece containers or table numbers from a friend’s earlier wedding.
  • Ask your maid of honor to lend you her evening clutch. You’ll need a place for makeup, cell phone, etc. ( If she does not have one, gift one to her as her bridesmaid’s gift and borrow it back.)
  • Borrow one of your dad’s handkerchiefs for shedding your happy tears. (Warning: He may never want to wash it again.)
  • For your first dance, borrow the song your parents danced to as their first song at their wedding. (You better  bring an extra one of dad’s handkerchiefs.  Mom is going to need it.)

If you really cannot think of something to borrow, do not stress over it.  As a wedding officiant, I have seen that most bride’s forget something or did not plan to bring something they suddenly need.  They borrow from a member of the wedding party and the tradition continues as it was meant to – with a member of your community supporting you on your wedding day.  It’s amazing how things work out!

Something Blue

Something blue is said to stand for purity, love, and fidelity in the new marriage.  Now  we know this is just an excuse to wear another gorgeous blue rock on your wedding day.  Work with me here and maybe your future husband will gift something blue to you!!

Something Blue Jewelry

something old something blue wedding tradition


There is a wide selection of wedding earrings, necklaces, bracelets and cocktail rings available for brides to choose from.   I love these sapphire earrings.   You will be surprised how reasonably they are priced.



Not Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes

Blue shoes,  blue heels,  blue bows on your shoes, or even blue soles.  Take your pick, blue seems to be the new trend in wedding shoes.  And while you are at it, make sure you take care of your aching feet.  No one has a good time when their feet hurt.

Something Blue  – Signature Drink

something new something blue, tradition, weddngHow about a blue signature cocktail? There are many blue drinks available today.  If blue does not fit your wedding reception theme, you can always mix up  a batch to serve to your wedding party and family while you are having pictures taken.  How nice – a special treat for the special people in your life.

Here is one recipe that has become a huge hit at wedding receptions I attend.  You can mix as individual drinks, or save on the cost of  bartenders by making large batches and serving in a punch bowl or dispenser.  Provide plenty of ice as this best served over ice.

Something Blue Wedding Signature Drink 

1 part vodka (any brand.  Don’t waste money on the expensive stuff.)

1 part Triple Sec

1 Part Blue Curacao

Lime juice to taste (approximately juice of 1 lime per serving) I use frozen limeade concentrate when preparing this for a crowd.

Mix all together and serve over ice.  Small ice cubes work the best.  If guests like a milder drink, they can add a bit ( or a lot) of lemon lime soda (Sprite, 7Up, or store brand will all work well.)


Something Blue – Flowers  – In Your Bouquet – Centerpieces – Whatever Works

Ask your florist about adding tiny touches of blue to your bouquet and/or centerpieces.  There are many tiny blue  blooms available today that add just a splash of blue and coordinate with almost any color scheme.

If you are arranging your own flowers  do some research and determine what blue flowers will be in season locally at  the time of your wedding.  Then ask ahead of time if your flower provider can get them for you, or shop at your local farmers market for this tiny special touch.   (Be sure to check prices as blue flowers are still considered “exotic” in some places, which drives the price up. )


A Sixpence in Her Shoe

something borrowed something blue, tradition, wedding
Australian sixpence 1951

The final line of the tradition is often forgotten or overlooked.  It is the easiest one to include, and you can have personalized wedding mementos that literally cost you pennies.

A coin placed in the bride’s left (tradition says it must be the left, sorry I do not know why ) shoe is a British custom that symbolizes great wealth for the bride and her future husband.  When the coin (originally a sixpence coin) is gifted to the bride by her father, it is symbolizing his wish for the bride’s  lifelong prosperity, fertility, and love and happiness in her marriage.

While you can buy a sixpence coin online or at a coin shop, most modern brides substitute pennies or other current coins for the sixpence.

Brides often include multiple coins  representing the wedding year, the birth years of the bride and groom,  the year they met, the years their children were born, or any other special dates.

Tape the coins into the shoe and practice walking to be sure the coin(s) are comfortable.  They can also be removed between the wedding and the reception.

If you end up with multiple coins, or are wearing open shoes, you can also have the coins sewn into the hem of your wedding dress rather than carried in a shoe.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Coins sliding around in my shoe nearly drove me crazy on my wedding day. (No one told me to tape them in place. )  I had not anticipated  the sliding coins, but I was ready for a day of aching feet until  found these.  Gotta love it when you can find a product that makes you look great without aching feet!!

New Twist for Your Sixpence Tradition

Kathy and Jeff, expanded on the tradition by having Jeff carrying two coins – one for the wedding year and a second with his date of birth.  Kathy did the same with her date of birth.  At the reception, they exchanged coins as their first gifts to each other as husband and wife.  Exchanging coins is a symbol of wealth and happiness in many cultures.  Another new tradition is born.


Well, there it is.  Our version of :something old

I hope you have enjoyed it.  If you missed Part 1 – Somthing Old, Something New, you can read it here

Something Old, Something New for Your Wedding Memories

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