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Ring Warming Wording – Creating a New Wedding Tradition – Part 2

In the Ring Warming Ceremony your wedding rings are “warmed” forever by your guests. Guests impart the well wishes, prayers and their love for you onto your wedding rings. This is an extremely personal way to include  your guests in your wedding. The ring warming wording conveys the meaning of your ceremony to your guests and extends your invitation for them to participate.

ring warming wording, wedding, ceremony, traditions, guests

You will find the details and “how-to’s” in our first post Ring Warming Ceremony -(Part 1) – Including Your Guests in Your Ceremony.  (But, don’t worry, we added at the end of this post, so you can read it later.)  In this post, the second in the series, we provide sample ring warming wording.  Feel free to use as written and you can certainly modify them for your own wedding if  you choose.

First, let’s briefly recap your  Ring Warming Ceremony options.  There are two primary ways to include a ring warming ceremony in your wedding.  (And, check out Bonus Idea at end the end of  this article.  It is brand new for us and you.)

Ring Warming Wording for Within Your Wedding Ceremony

Near the beginning of your wedding ceremony (usually after the welcome when everyone is seated), your officiant  introduces the ring warming to your guests.  The ring warming wording he/she explains that your rings will be passed through the guests.  He/she  also invites each guest to participate.  As the ring are passed, each guest holds the rings, says a silent prayer/blessing/warm thought for your marriage, and then passes them to the next guest.

The rings will be passed as the officiant continues with the wedding until the time for the ring exchange.

Before Guests Enter – Ring Warming Wording 

There are practical limitations to a ring warming passing of the rings.  There is simply not enough time to pass the rings to everyone at a large wedding.  You can address this by:

  1. limiting the ring warming to family and the bridal party, or
  2. having the guests warm your rings as they enter the ceremony area and reference it during your ring exchange.
  3. See Bonus at end of this article for brand new idea.

You will find detailed information on both options in our post Ring Warming Ceremony -(Part 1) – Including Your Guests in Your Ceremony.  Here we offer your ring warming wording.

Ring Warming Wording

During Your Ceremony – Passing the Rings

ring warming, traditions, wedding, passing the rings, ring warming wording

Version 1

Officiant says:

(Bride) and (Groom) invite you to participate in their wedding by passing their wedding rings among you.  As the rings are passed to you, please take a few moments to warm them with your wishes, hopes, and blessings, for (Bride) and (Groom).  Your silent prayer or wish for their future together will be embedded in the rings which (Bride and Groom) will wear throughout their life together.  Through your participation in (Bride and Groom’s) ring warming, these rings become a symbol, not only of (Bride and Groom’s) love of each other, but also of your love and the support you have shared with them on their wedding day.

Version 2

Officiant says:

(Bride and Groom) invite you to participate in the passing of their rings.  You will pass the wedding rings among each other and warm them with your wishes, prayers, and blessings for Bride and Groom  As you hold the rings, please say a silent wish or prayer for (Bride and Groom), their marriage and for their future together. (Add Instructions for how rings will be passed.)

Version 3

Ring Warming Wording – Limited Participants- Family, Bridal Party

Officiant says:

It is widely believed that precious metals hold energy. The more durable the object the more the energy will be absorbed. These rings are made from(Include metal(s) rings are made from) which makes them perfect for capturing the energy of your love and support for (Bride) and (Groom) on their wedding day.

I invite (family/the wedding party-whomever your select*)  to pass the rings between one another and to warm the precious metal with your wishes, prayers, and blessings for (Bride) and (Groom).

*You can use this version by using “everyone”, instead of family, etc. and deleting the next paragraph.

As they pass the rings, I ask that all present  extend a silent wish or prayer for (Bride and Groom) that may support them in them as a couple, for their marriage, and their future together.

(Rings are passed then returned  to handed to the officiant before the ring exchange)

During the Ring Exchange

For Versions 1, 2, 3 above, the officiant says the follow when introducing the ring exchange:

(Bride and Groom) these, your rings, now contain within their precious metal, that which is priceless – the love and care of your family and friends.  As you wear your rings let them remind  you that you will always have this community of friends and family to support you and your marriage.

Continue with Ring exchange wording

Ring Warming Ceremony Before the Wedding

Version 4ring warming wording, ring warming, wedding,wedding traditions, bride, wedding guests

For larger weddings, (usually over 50 guests), you may opt to have your ring warming as guests enter the ceremony area.

Place the rings on a table at the entrance to the ceremony.

Rings can be in a box, a beautiful dish, affixed to a pillow or similar object or even tied with ribbons and hanging so that guests can see and touch them as they enter. (It is best to have them secured so they will not roll away if dropped.)

Place a small sign on the table briefly explaining the ring warming ceremony and inviting guests to participate.

Ring Warming Wording for Sign

Option  1

Ring Warming Ceremony

Before you enter, please take a moment to participate in the warming of (Bride) and (Groom’s) wedding rings.

Touch/hold these rings for a moment.  Warm them with your love and make a silent wish or pray for (Bride) and (Groom) for the life together as husband and wife.

Option 2

Our Ring Warming

Please take a moment to warm our wedding rings with your love, support and well wishes (blessing and prayers).  When we exchange these rings in our ceremony, they will carry not only the promises we make to each other, but also the love and support from each of you


(Bride) and (Groom)


You may want a ring attendant present at the ring warming table as this ceremony is seldom seen at weddings.  Your attendant may need familiarize guests with the ceremony and answer any questions.  The attendant can also facilitate the movement of guests into the ceremony. (This job is not for a ring bearer.)

Before Ring Exchange, Officiant Incorporates the Ring Warming into Your Ceremony:

Officiant says:

As you entered the ceremony earlier today, you saw (bride) and (groom’s) wedding rings.  You are an important part of their lives and the community of family and friends here to support them as they begin their new life journey together.  (Bride) and (groom) asked that you warm their rings by touching them and placing your blessing and well wishes into the rings.

It is now time for (bride) and (groom) to exchange these rings as a symbol of their love and commitment to each other.

These rings also contain the love and support for (Bride) and (Groom’s ) marriage that you embedded in them during the ring warming.  (Bride) and (Groom) thank you for sharing your love and will wear these rings as a symbol of their love for each other and the love you have shared with them on their wedding day

Version 5

Ring Warming Ceremony – Including Your Children

Ring warming wording, ring warming ceremony, wedding traditions, unique ceremony ideas
Family Ring Warming

The ring warming ceremony is a wonderful way to include your children in your wedding.  You can include young children who are becoming part of a blended family , or if adult children can also be included to signify their support of the marriage.

Before the exchange of rings, the officiant invites the children (by name) to come forward. After they have gathered

The officiant says:

(Name Children), Your Mom and Dad(or other appropriate wording) ask that each of you hold these wedding rings for a moment, warming them with your love, and blessing/sharing your good wishes for their marriage, before passing them on.

While the children are imparting their wishes to the wedding rings, I ask everyone present to silently send to (bride) and (groom) your best wishes (and blessings) 

After children pass rings – continue –

Children(by name), family and friends, you have added your love and support of this marriage.  As (Bride and Groom) wear these rings they will be an outward sign of their love for each other and the love you have shared with them on their wedding day.

Bonus Idea :

As we were writing this article, I officiated at a wedding where the couple chose to have the Ring Warming between their first look and the wedding ceremony.  I love this idea.  This ceremony could be  performed at the Wedding Rehearsal or Dinner.  Actually it can occur at any time when close family and friends are gathered.  Here is our version of this ceremony.  We hope you like it.

Before the wedding, the couple gathers with their wedding party, close family and friends.  If the officiant is in attendance, you can ask him/her to lead the ceremony.  Otherwise select someone to lead  the ceremony or the bride and groom can do so themselves. (The following is written for the officiant, but can be easily adapted.)

Everyone gathers in a circle with the bride and groom.

Ring Warming Wording

The officiant says:

(Bride) and  (groom) are inviting you to participate in their ring warming ceremony by passing the rings amongst you.  As you accept the rings, please take a few moments to warm them with your wishes, hopes, and blessings for (Bride) and (Groom) and pass them to the next person. You may impart your wishes silently or speak them to bride and groom as you share. Your wishes and blessing for (Bride )and (Groom’s) future together will be embedded in  the rings they will wear throughout their life together.  Through your participation in (Bride and Groom’s) ring warming, these rings become a symbol, not only of (Bride and Groom’s) love of each other, but also of your love and the support you have shared with them on their wedding day.

Rings are passed to all participants and returned to the couple.

Ring Warming Wording, Ring Warming Ceremony, Wedding Tradition, Ring Exchange
Wedding Ring Exchange at the Ceremony

On the wedding day before the ring exchange, the officiant continues. He/she asks for the rings, then said:

Last night at the rehearsal dinner (insert appropriate language), (Bride) and (Groom) gathered for the Warming of the Rings.  In the ring warming, (Bride) and (Groom’s ) wedding rings were passed among the guests in attendance  and each guest  was asked to impart their prayers, blessings and well wishes into the rings.   Before  (Bride) and (Groom ) exchange their rings, they also ask that you silently impart your blessing on the rings as well.  Please take a few moments now, to send your best wishes to (Bride and Groom). Pause while guests send wishes, then continue with the exchange of rings.

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