Maid of Honor Duties, MOH Duties, Day of Wedding

Maid of Honor Duties – Day of the Wedding (Part 3 in MOH Series )

Maid of Honor Duties, MOH Duties, Day of Wedding

Maid of Honor Duties -Wedding Day Preparations 

The wedding day has finally arrived.  Everyone (especially the bride) is excited, and stressed, and ready for this thing to happen.  The  Maid of Honor duties and the MOH’s calm successful completion of them are keys to a perfect wedding experience.  We’ve compiled a  list of MOH duties and ideas for you to support the bride and make the most important day of her life run smoothly.  Your bride is gonna love you.



Breakfast for the Bride – Maid of Honor Duties Start Early 

Breakfast, Maid of Honor duties, MOH duties

Make sure the bride eats breakfast.   This is going to be a very long day for her. Make certain  the bride starts the day with a healthy breakfast. (Not just donuts and coffee.  Brides can get grumpy when they start the day with a sugar rush.)

Help the Bride Relax – An All Day Maid of Honor Duty 

As the MOH you are in the best position to help the bride relax until and including during the ceremony.  Think of things that you can so to make sure there is little or no drama.  Tell her jokes, share memories she has with other members of the bridal party, and her groom, watch a favorite movie.  Make sure the atmosphere is as quiet and away from the hustle bustle of the wedding preparations that do not include the bride.  If there is time, this is a wonderful day for a massage, long soak in the hot tub, or whatever it is that relaxes the bride.  The groom and groomsmen often play golf before the wedding.  What does your bride enjoy.  Do it.


Maid Honor, MOH, toast, wedding, Maid of Honor Duties, MOH DutiesBe Alert for Alcohol Consumed By the Wedding Party Before the Wedding

While it is nice to celebrate with the bride before the ceremony, it is never a good idea to let the champagne overflow.   If you are having alcohol, but sure to have plenty of munchies around for everyone.  And don’t forget water and non-alcoholic options.


Guidance for Bridesmaids – One of the Maid of Honor Duties That Can Be Tedious

Inform the bridesmaids of the complete schedule for the day and help them remain on the schedule. You’ll want to complete a quick check throughout the day to make sure each of the bridesmaids (and ring bearer and flower girls) are where they need to be and ready at the appointed time.  You don’t have to “be in charge”, just do your best to keep everyone organized and on track. (It may feel like herding cats, but someone has to do it.)

Have the Bride’s Favorite Treat On Hand

Maid of Honor Duties, MOH Duties, Day of wedding

Try to have some of the bride’s favorite snacks or treats on on hand.  It is a wonderful way to calm her if nerves start showing  Dark chocolate is always a good option.  And don’t forget the Tums.

Drop Off Any Reception Items at the Venue

The Maid of Honor Duties are very broad.  You may be able to get this done at the rehearsal; just be sure all the tiny details make it to the ceremony and reception venues.  Guest books with pens, matches or lighter for lighting candles, seating charts and cards, cake knife and server, toasting glasses, signs, any special unity ceremony items should all be dropped off at the venue in advance of when the bride arrives.  Determine if you or someone else will be responsible for placing them on the wedding day, so you can allow adequate time in your schedule.

Confirm with the officiant, that you have the wedding license at the ceremony venue.  He/she will probably want to keep it until after the wedding when it is signed.

Act as a Gatekeeper- MOH Duties – You’re A Policeperson!

If there are family members or “friends” that will stress the bride, it is your job to keep them away from the bride if you can. She has already heard all their issues before the wedding, and it is pointless to rehash them on the best day of her life.

Bring Drinking Straws

Once the bride and bridal party’s makeup is in place, encourage everyone to drink from a straw to avoid smearing lipstick and gloss. This is especially important if the makeup artist used multiple colors for the lips.

Help the Bride Get Ready

Maid of Honor Duties, MOH Duties,One of the primary Maid of Honor duties is assisting the bride in getting into her dress, and putting on veil, shoes and accessories. Be ready and available to grab or do whatever the bride (or her makeup artist, hairdresser, etc. ) need to help her get ready and looking gorgeous from head to toe.  After the ceremony you will also help bustle the bride’s gown, if needed.

Assist the Bride in the Bathroom – Not a Favorite MOH Duty – But Greatly Appreciated

Once the bride has donned her wedding gown,  it may be necessary to have someone help her in the ladies’ room and make sure the dress looks perfect when finished. If possible, do a practice run of this in a space the size of the restroom you will have available to you.  You want to know what works and what you need to rethink before the wedding day.

Vendor Check

Confirm that vendors are in place (Be sure to keep a list of phone numbers handy!).  This duty may be assumed by the coordinator; however, you can convey that all is in place to the bride if she is anxious.  As the officiant, I always communicate with the Maid of  Honor when I arrive at the ceremony venue and ask her to tell that bride that I am onsite.  You would be surprised how many brides have the secret fear that the officiant will forget, have an accident or flat tire, or just not show up.  I remove this worry and the bride relaxes.

Marriage License Signing

Confirm where and when the marriage license will be signed with the officiant, and communicate to the bride, groom, best man and photographer. After the signing, take possession of the signed license so the couple will not have to worry about it until after the honeymoon. (If the bride and groom will see each other before the wedding, and the officiant agrees, the license can be completed before the wedding, with pictures. One less thing to take time between the ceremony and reception.)

Maid of Honor Duties, MOH Duties, carry tissues, happy tears

Carry Tissues

Carry a few tissues in case the bride, groom or bridesmaids shed a few happy tears.

Act as the Bride’s Messenger

The bride is going to be very busy for at least part of her pre-ceremony day.  She will be “stuck” getting her hair and make-up done and unavailable to address the tiny details that are going through her head during these times. Plan to be at her side to grab a snack for her, relay messages to the groom, check her phone, get answers to her questions and worries, so she can relax and remain calm during the stress of the pre-ceremony preparations.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Maid of Honor, MOH, Wedding Planning, Bride, Maid of Honor Duties, MOH Duties

Remember that wedding day emergency kit you spend so much time preparing?  Now is when all your hard work pays off.  You are prepared for any last minute emergency that can arise.  Be sure to bring your kit to the bridal suite where the bridal party dresses for the wedding, to the ceremony venue, and to the reception location.  Doesn’t it make you feel like Superwoman knowing you are ready for anything?  Your bride is so lucky to have you at her side.

Groom’s Ring

Maid of Honor Duties, MOH Duties, Groom Ring Keep the groom’s ring safe until the ceremony.  Experts recommend that the Maid of Honor wear the groom’s ring on her thumb.  Nothing is more embarrassing than standing in front of a venue full of guests and realizing you left the groom’s ring in the bridal suite.  Triple check you have it before you leave the suite (Sometimes the Best Man holds both rings.  Be sure you confirm that he has them if this is the case.)

First Look

If the couple is planning a first look, make sure that everything is in place, that the bride is ready.  Some First Look Photos also include the bridal party, so you’ll also be watching the time and making sure everyone is ready and in place.

Before Leaving for the Ceremony

Be sure to check in advance if anyone needs to go to the bathroom, or touch up makeup.  These last-minute tasks are why weddings fall woefully behind schedule  (Remember bride bathroom breaks can take a lot longer than normal once she has he wedding dress on.  Plan accordingly.)

Take One More Look

A few minutes before you leave for the ceremony, ask the bride to stand quietly in place.  Now walk around her and check for any tiny last minute details that may need adjustment.  From the top of her head, ot the soles of her feet – everything is flawless and ready to go.

Maid of Honor Duties, MOH Duties, Day of Wedding

Get Them to the Church on Time

Get the bride and bridal party to the church or ceremony venue on time



Thank You

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