How to Make Your Wedding Ceremony Memorable

While your wedding day will be full of excitement and the reception will surely be an awesome party, the ceremony is the reason you are here. You enter as individuals and leave as a couple formally bound together for a lifetime. The “I DO” is definitely what it is all about.

Add these simple but memorable moments to your ceremony to make it the highlight of the wedding day.


Walking Down the Aisle – The Ceremony Begins

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Walking down the aisle, and the first moment the groom sees his beautiful bride are truly magical moments in any wedding ceremony.  Before the wedding, make sure that your photographers and videographers clearly understand that while you want pictures nothing, and I do mean nothing, even for a single moment, comes between the bride and groom and blocks the view of the groom as his bride enters.   As an officiant, I have seen far too many weddings where all the groom saw was the back of the videographer’s head as his bride walked down the aisle.

Hold Hands – The Bond During Your Ceremony

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Your ceremony is the first step in your new life together.  You may be nervous in front of so many guests,  but they are not the reason you are here.  It really is all about you.  Stay focused on each other.  Hold hands.  Wipe the tear from her (or his) cheek.  Whisper sweet words to each other.  Share a secret love signal that only the two of you know.   Bring  your love for each other to the foreground of your ceremony.  You are making memories to last a lifetime.


Write Your Own Vows – A Ceremony of Magic

Vows that tug at the heartstrings will never be forgotten by the bride, groom, or wedding guests.  They are the soul of your wedding, your life together, and among the things you will remember most about your wedding.

You can write your own vows or adapt the more traditional ones to reflect your thoughts and proclaim your love for each other.  Couples who are having conventional vows, perhaps required by their religion, are adding their own vows to their ceremony.  Others who cannot change the ceremony, or prefer to share privately, are planning a few minutes on their wedding day to spend quiet time together and recite their personal vows to each other.  Don’t overlook this chance to make your day a special memory.


Cry Happy Tears – A Ceremony Stopper

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Weddings are emotional, and it is OK to cry.  This is true for both bride and groom.  Don’t be afraid to show your emotions to your spouse and to your guests.  Having said that, it is OK not to cry.  If your tears are not authentic or are overly dramatic, everyone will quickly see that they are not genuine.  The key is to let your honest emotions show through however you feel. And,  come prepared to support your spouse by gently wiping the tears away.


Laugh – A Joyful Ceremony 

Wedding ceremonies don’t have to be solemn and serious.  Some of the best ceremonies are filled with infectious laughter from the couple and guests.  Don’t be afraid to include light moments in your vows and words you share.  How about adding a vow that promises you will support her favorite sports team, even when they play your team?  You will want to look back on your wedding day and remember it as a light and joyful time.  Adding these personal touches makes your day unique to you.   Your guests will connect with you and see how happy you are as a couple.

Ring Exchange –  Your Ceremony Gets Real

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The exchanging of rings is the moment most couples tell us when the wedding and commitments become real to them.  The physical act of exchanging rings can be magical and breathtaking.  Don’t just rush through it.  Spend time in advance to create (or find) the perfect words you want to recite when placing the ring on your new spouse’s finger.  Remember you do not have the say the same thing to each other. Make your words come from your heart and add to the magic of your day.


Level Up Your Recessional – The Ceremony Ends 

Your recessional should be a show of overwhelming joy.  Forget the traditional pomp and circumstance and choose an upbeat song you both love for your recessional.  It does not matter the genre- from big band, country, or a jazz band.  What do you love?  Pick a song that defines you as a couple.  When you send your ceremony on an upbeat note, it will really get the party started as you head to your reception.  What an awesome way to create a smooth transition between the ceremony and the reception.

If you want to take it up another level, let the groom pick the recessional song, and have it played as a surprise to the bride. ( Brides, I promise you will be pleased with his selection.)


A Quiet Romantic Moment- After The Ceremony

Your wedding day will be hectic, so be sure to plan some time when the two of you can be alone  It does not have to be a long time, just enough so that you can breathe and share the emotions you will both be feeling.

The ideal time is between the ceremony and the reception.  Taking an “us” break in the middle of the reception can be a welcomed break too.

Time will pass quickly, and you want to be sure that you have time for just the two of you. Kiss, hug, laugh, breathe. Make sure you have time to cherish the day with personal moments.  You are creating lifetime memories.  Don’t allow them all to be hustle and bustle.


Adding these simple ideas to your wedding ceremony will transform it into one that you will trying cherish and remember for a lifetime.


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