Bride Stress – Wedding Stress Relief (Part 2 in Series)

I am so excited you found Wedding Planning Stress – Part 1 helpful.  (If you have not read it, I included a link below.)  The second in the wedding stress relief series is here for you:   Bride Stress – Wedding Stress (Part 2)

Bride stress on top of daily stresses can be overwhelming and take the joy out of planning for the most important day of your life.  It can be so intense that it impacts your health, happiness, and the joy of your wedding day.(I know at least some of you are already nodding your head in agreement.)  It does not have to be like that.

It upsets me when I see how so many brides experience bride stress to the point that they are unable to enjoy their wedding day.  When I hear a bride say “I’ll be so glad when this is over.” or “We should have eloped.”, my heart sinks.

Share Your Bride Stress Relief Ideas

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Stop Expecting People to Live by Your Rules

You are the bride.  You are in charge.  It is YOUR wedding.  Agreed.  BUT… Dealing with unmet expectations is a huge source of stress for everyone. Be sure you set realistic expectations for yourself and for others. When you set your expectations, confirm that you fully communicate them, and the listener understands what you expect from them. Expecting people to fulfill your unspoken or misunderstood expectations is a sure way to get a dose of unwanted bride stress and strained relationships.

Expectations and disappointments often surface when dealing with your bridal party and point straight back to lack of communication..  Make sure to clearly (clear to them, not just you) communicate what you consider to be their “duties”.  Are you expecting them to be there for the entire week before the wedding, to help with your DIY projects, to spend more than they make in a week for their bridesmaid dress?  Be realistic, communicate, and discuss your expectations and their ability to meet them.  It is a major stress reliever when everyone has the same expectations.

Give people the opportunity to ask questions, make suggestions and even repeat back to you what they believe you are expecting from them based on what you said.  (I know, it sounds like overreacting at first, until they start talking, and you are amazed what you said was not what they heard.) Be calm and repeat until everyone has the same expectations before you start your planned task.

(In the instance of your bridesmaids, be prepared if they cannot meet your expectations, and plan how you will respond.  They may even decline the honor of being part of your wedding because of their own financial or life stressors.  Be kind. )

Take Time to Eat Properly –  Bride Stress – Gone 

When we get caught up in a major project like wedding planning, we tend to grab snacks and quick food on the run.

Stop and take the time to eat and to enjoy your food.  Like your mama said: Eat your fruits and vegetables.

According to an American Psychological Association (APA) survey, women are more than three times more likely than men to turn to comfort foods –  ice cream, cookies, and snacks – to ease stress.  It is  also common for brides  to deny themselves favorite foods because they’re trying to lose weight before the wedding.  Then under bride stress, the urge for these foods grows and the binge begins, followed by guilt and even more dieting. (Been there, done that.)

The key to avoiding bride stress eating is to not deprive yourself. Keep three or four healthy snacks on hand that you know you’ll probably want – nuts, if you like salty; string cheese, if you crave protein; a small piece of chocolate for something sweet (dark chocolate is best) – so you aren’t tempted to binge.

When you eat, be in the moment – focus on what the food looks like, how it feels in your mouth, and of course its smell and taste. Good food in proper amounts is a small distraction and a wonderful way to relieve bride stress and focus on the small joys of life and wedding planning.

Resist the habit of eating on the run, no matter how busy you feel.  The few minutes gained gulping down your food  (or not eating at all) are not worth the additional bride stress you feel when you skip this part of your day.  Sit down to eat in a place away from what is stressing you, preferably with people you enjoy being with, relax and enjoy.   You’ll be refreshed and ready to get back to wedding planning.

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Pray or Meditate – Gentle Bride Stress Relief

Countless people turn to spirituality for stress relief.  Studies  show it is physically relaxing as well as emotionally comforting and spiritually uplifting for those who pray or meditate.

If this area is important to you, now is the time, in the midst of the hustle bustle of wedding planning,  to refocus and enjoy the peace you find from praying or meditating.  Don’t just take the time – make the time  – to connect with your spiritual side.

Let Go of Perfect – Bride Stress #1 

I understand that this is your wedding.  You want (maybe even feel you need) everything to be perfect and if it is not, you have failed, and it was not worth it.  (Not true at all, but it’s the way many brides feel.)  So here is some tough love:

Let It Go! Stop making one more adjustment, adding one more detail, looking for things that  you “could”improve.  At the hundreds of weddings I have officiated, I have never attended one where everything went perfectly. ( Just spending more money and creating bride stress is no promise of a perfect wedding.)  Perfect weddings may exist, but probably only on Pinterest and in bridal magazines.

Nothing will create more bride stress in your planning and on your wedding day that insisting on perfection.  When something unplanned happens, (and it will) be grateful it is, in the big picture of the life ahead of you, minuscule – tiny – unimportant. Let it go!

Remember why you are planning your wedding – to marry the man of your dreams and start a new life together. (Your chartreuse napkins that are one shade off what you ordered is small “disaster” compared to a lifetime of happiness ahead of you, don’t you think?) And, I hope you will not be surprised to learn, that most wedding guests don’t notice the tiny things that go astray in your wedding unless you made a big issue of it.   I repeat.  Let it go!

BONUS Tip  Make yourself reminder notes and paste them everywhere you find yourself stressing- Tiny reminders.   Hugh Bride Stress Relief.  Here’s a  reminder image you can copy, paste and print.

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Prepare for Tomorrow

Nothing will stress you quicker than being unprepared.  Take a few minutes at the end of the day to make a written to-do list for tomorrow.  Think about what you will plan to accomplish and what you need to accomplish tasks.

When you start your morning, you’ll feel focused, in control, and comfortable that you can handle the day. You have set a positive tone for your day, which helps you get more accomplished without stress.  That nasty stress never even gets a foothold in your mind.  Magic!

Positive Energy – Bride Stress Disappears

It probably seems like an oversimplification to say that when we feel stressed we should remove ourselves from stressful situations.  (My sons say “Duh! Mom”. ) It really is that easy.  When we surround ourselves with supportive people who radiate positive energy, bridal stress disappears.

Avoid People Who Stress You Out

If someone in your wedding planning circle is a constant source of stress and you can’t turn the relationship around, limit the amount of time you spend with that person.  It is your wedding.

Think carefully about those who will be close to you during your planning and on your wedding day. A childhood friend who is always negative may not be the best choice for a bridesmaid. (Just sayin’.)

Don’t Over Commit – Guaranteed Bride Stress Dissolves

Planning a wedding is exciting and rewarding, but when you’re exhausted and overwhelmed, (Sorry, but at some point, it happens to all brides), you are not enjoying the experience.

Stop and prioritize  things you must do, things you can delegate to others, and those you can eliminate.  Cutting some of the most stressful or least necessary activities can do wonders for your bride stress levels.

Do you really have the skills and time to personally make 12 bridesmaid bouquets on the day before you wedding?

Do you really want to work two jobs for the next year so you can have a bigger reception?

It just may be time to step back, reflect  and include bride the stress factor in your decision.  Some things are just worth the stress or not meant to be.  Accept it and move on.

Transition Back to Real Life

When you have completed your planning tasks for the day, STOP.  Resist the urge to do one more thing.  Take time to transition back physically and emotionally to the real world that continues to exist outside of your wedding planning.  I understand how important your wedding is to you, but there is a entire world waiting for you including your family, friends and future husband who just want to spend quality time with you now – the one they love, not the over-stressed bride.

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