Bridal Shoes – Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes – Part 3

When brides look for their perfect bridal shoes, they are seeking a balance between style and comfort.  Many sacrifice their own comfort for the perfect style.  After all, you can endure a little foot pain for a few hours to get your dream wedding look, can’t you?  (NOT!)

Brides, read this series about finding the perfect bridal shoes. #weddingshoes #bridalshoes #wedding

After reading Part 1 of our series on wedding shoes, recent bride Marcie M. shared this with us:

Are you looking for the perfect bridal shoes? Read this series of articles about finding your perfect wedding shoes. #wedding #bridalshoes #weddingshoes


Thanks for sharing, Marcie.  We’ve heard from several brides and your comments summarize their feelings.  We appreciate everyone’s feedback.  There really is no reason to suffer  foot pain on your wedding day.

Read on for Part 3 of our series and prepare to select your perfect bridal shoes.  You can also find Perfect Wedding Shoes – 5 Tips for Selecting Yours – Part 1  and  Comfortable Wedding Shoes That Are Gorgeous Too – Part 2 on our blog. (We’ve also added the links at the links at the end of this article.)

Your Feet and Your Big Day – Pain FreeLooking for your perfect bridal shoes? Read our articles for tips and ideas of how to have style and comfort too. #wedding #bride #weddingshoes #bridalshoes

You are probably planning a pedicure for your big day.  In addition, you may want to invest in anti-blister foot product.  Runners and walkers use Body-Glide Anti Blister Balm to eliminate friction and blisters on their feet.  Brides are finally discovering it for their wedding day comfort. It is easy to apply and eliminates blisters created by your bridal shoes.    I have used it for several years in my personal walking program and  eliminated painful blisters.

The Perfect Bridal Shoes: Finding Your Right Heel Height

We all know that shoe heel height is a major issue in foot comfort (or pain!).  But how do you know the best heel height for you?

British podiatrist Emma Supple developed an effortless way to accurately measure the best heel height for everyone based on their individual foot.

I must admit, I was skeptical when I first saw it, but when I tried it.  It worked.  It really worked.  I found I had been wearing heels that were wrong me and when I made a ½ inch change in heel height, my foot pain vanished.

Supple recommends a maximum heel height of 3 inches high but notes that some women measure 4 or 5 inches.  Other elements of the shoe, such as a platform sole and foot flexibility can also impact your best heel height.

How to Find Your Perfect Heel Height for Your Bridal Shoes

  1. Ask a friend to help you.
  2. Get a piece of paper, pen/pencil and ruler.
  3. Place paper on the floor and lay the side of your foot with the ankle side down on the paper.  Make sure you keep your foot relaxed.
  4. Mark a dot on the paper where the bottom (not the back) of your heel touches the paper.
  5. Now, without moving your foot, mark a dot where the ball of your foot bends.
  6. Draw a straight line on the paper down from the dot where the bottom of your heel touched and a second straight line down from the dot where your foot bent at the ball.
  7. Measure distance between the lines and you have discovered your Perfect Heel Height. You will be most comfortable in wearing shoes with this height of heel.
  8. Easy, peasy.

Here is a picture from where you can read the entire article and all the medical jargon, if you are interested.

Your perfect bridal shoes begin with finding the best heel height for you. Measure your personlized fit with this easy formula. #weddingshoe #bride #brideshow


The Perfect Bridal Shoes: How to Tell If Your Heels Will Hurt – Before You Buy

1. Heel Cup

Pay attention to the heel cup of the shoe. Manufacturers often use a stiffening agent in the heel area that causes friction and blisters, especially when shoes are new.

If you can find the style you love, buy shoes made from natural materials as they are more pliable than synthetics.  If the cup hurts immediately when you try on shoes, the pain will not go away.  Consider a different shoe.

My niece, Shannon also told me about  Foot Petals – Heavenly Heelz inserts.  I found them to be snug heel pads that eliminated the heel pain for the shoes in my wardrobe that I just could not part with. ( Ahhh!  Relief! And I get to keep my favorites!  Thanks Shani.)

2.Correct Size

Be sure you are buying the correct size. Any shoe will hurt if it is too small.  You are going for comfort, so size up if you must.  No one will see your shoe size anyway.

There should be a space the width of your thumb from the front inside of your shoe to the end of your longest toe.  This space will give you the wiggle room you need to walk in comfort.  (Also, be aware of a space that is larger than this.  The bridal shoes are probably too big and will slip on your feet which creates a whole new area of foot pain.)

3. Selecting a Comfortable StyleRead our articles about finding the perfect bridal shoes for your big day. Comfort and style. #Bridalshoes #wedding shoe #wedding

Look for a comfortable style for your bridal shoes.  While sky high stilettos look great in bridal magazines, they leave many brides in agony and stumbling down the aisle.  Chunky heels, lowers heels, wedges, platforms and heels with buckles or straps offer support and make it easier to walk.

4. Best Time of Day to Buy Your Perfect Wedding Shoes

Your feet swell and stretch during the day. They can be as much as a half size bigger after a long day.  Buy shoes in the evening or when you have been on your feet for a while.  You’ll be on your feet for as much as eight hours on your wedding day, so be prepared for the worst.

5. Pack Emergency Foot Supplies

Pack a foot kit with things like band aids, blister pads and even gel inserts that will help with blisters and other foot pain and keep you dancing.  Hopefully you will not need them, but it is best to be prepared.

Practice Walking in Your Bridal Shoes 

Practice your walk in your bridal shoes. Even the best fitting shoe will be difficult to walk in if you are unaccustomed Finding your perfect bridal shoes means no more slipping as you walk down the aisle. Read our articles for all you need to know before you buy your wedding shoes. #wedding #bridalshoes #weddingshoes to walking in high heels.

Practice walking on surfaces like those you will face on your wedding day.  If you have rough terrain or steps, practice on those too, not just on your living room carpet.

If you are concerned about getting your bridal shoes soiled if you wear them outside, select shoes with similar height and style and practice in them.  Are your shoes slippery?  Add shoe grips and confidence to your walk.

While wearing your bridal shoes, practice putting your heel down first, followed by your toe.  The more you practice, the more confident you will be, and your walk look more natural.


So there you have the ups and downs (pun intended) of your perfect wedding shoes.  Heel height and a lot more acan impact how comfortable you are on your wedding day.  Plan ahead and take the time to find the bridal shoe style you love.  Consider your own wedding day comfort, before buying your bridal shoes.  It is truly your day to put your best foot forward.


Thanks for sharing your wedding trends and ideas. #wedding #wedding planningThanks to all the brides who read our unique (and sometime quirky) ideas.

Do you have your own ideas you would like to share?  We would love to hear from you.  After all you are the real wedding expert. When we use your idea in a future article or book, we will give you credit for it.

Forward your ideas and comments either by posting them in the comments or sending me an email.


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Read this article and lean more about your perfect bridal shoes. #weddingshoes #bridalshoes #bride Read to discover how you can have gorgeous bridal shoes without the pain. Part 3 in our shoe series. #weddingshoes #bridalsoes #wedding



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