Bridal Beauty Tips for Your Wedding Day – 11 Things You Wish You Knew

Your wedding day is finally here.  You have planned and made sure everything will run smoothly.  Be sure to read these bridal beauty tips for your wedding day, so that all your hard work and planning will result in the wedding day of your dreams.  They are simple tips that brides shared with us and said they wish someone had told them to do on their wedding day.  Thanks to all who shared.


Bridal Beauty Tips for Your Wedding Day - 11 Things You Wish You Knew #bridal #weddingday #bridal

Bridal Beauty Tip #1

You Have to Keep Hair and Makeup Appointments Running on Time

Bridal Beauty Tips for Your Wedding Day - 11 Things You Wish You Knew #bridal #weddingday Your wedding day is much like scheduling airplanes at an airport.  Once you get behind schedule, the entire day will fall behind.  And we all get frustrated when we see those “flight delayed’ signs.

Sticking to your hair and makeup schedule is crucial to the timeline of your entire wedding day.  It is usually early in the day and will set the tone for the rest of the day.  As soon as you fall behind, stress creeps in, taps you on the shoulder and your day goes from the most exciting day of your life to a day filled with anxiety.

Make sure you set a schedule that you and your bridesmaids can meet and are clear to everyone in advance of when they need to be where.

Photographers will arrive immediately after your hair and makeup, and your day is off in a whirlwind.

When in doubt, allow extra time for your beauty appointments.

If you are done early you can use the time to relax.  (Make sure your bridesmaids do the same.)

Bridal Beauty Tip # 2

You’ll Need Tips for Hair and Makeup 

Put tips for makeup artists and hair stylists in an envelope with their name on it in advance.  Give it to your Maid of Honor to hand out when they are finished with your appointment.

You will be so busy and excited that you may forget to tip or bring cash.

Bridal Beauty Tip  # 3

No One Cares If You Are Skinny

Bridal Beauty Tips for Your Wedding Day - 11 Things You Wish You Knew #weddingday #brideNo one (except you) cares how skinny you are on your wedding day.

You are not going to be standing in front of a mirror looking at how flat your stomach is or how much your arms jiggle.  And your guests are not going to be judging either.

(Okay, there may be a few, but you know who they are.  And aren’t they always looking for ways they can feel superior to you?  That’s their problem, not yours.)

Guests are delighted to be sharing your wedding day, and will not notice the agony you endured to lose those last couple of pounds.

Don’t get overwhelmed with weight and weight lost so that your months before the wedding are diet – agony rather than the joyful time thy should be.

Focus on being a relaxed happy bride, no matter what your weight.

You’ll look marvelous, darling.

 Bridal Beauty Tip # 4 

You Are Gonna Sweat

You are going to be so active on your wedding day that your body may well overheat. Be prepared to get get sweaty in that long heavy dress.

Stay comfortable by running deodorant or baby powder between your legs before putting your dress on.

You may need to reapply during the day, so be sure to have them in your touch up kit.

Oil blotters for makeup are also a necessity. (If you forget yours, the disposable toilet seat covers in public bathrooms will also work, just be sure you throw away the top one.)

And if you are wearing dress on a warm day, pack a small portable fan.  You and your MOH (or even better your partner) can slip out for a few minutes during the reception for a cool down period.

Bridal Beauty Tip # 5

Your Face Will Hurt

Bridal Beauty Tips for Your Wedding Day - 11 Things You Wish You Knew #bridal #weddingIt’s your wedding day.  You will be smiling for as much as eight hours.

Your face and face muscles are going to hurt.

And you are going to be exhausted and possibly feeling a bit beat up from all those hugs.

Just warning you.

Not much you can do but get plenty of rest before your wedding and remember that you are the star of the day.


 Bridal Beauty Tip #6

You Must Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated throughout your wedding day.

You will quickly dehydrate between the excitement and the heat.  Drink a lot of water.

Assign someone to make sure you always have water available to you.

TIP : Alcohol and sodas will not keep your hydrated like plain old water. If you don’t like plain water,                   check out some the flavored water in advance.

Of course, more water means you will have to pee more, but we’ll tackle that issue in a later tip.

 Bridal Beauty Tip #7

You Will Cry

Bridal Beauty Tips for Your Wedding Day - 11 Things You Wish You Knew #bride #weddingWear waterproof mascara. Period.

You will cry when you least expect it.

As you walk down the aisle, when your groom tears up, when your Father-in-law calls you daughter.

There are many emotional moments throughout your wedding day.

Bring tissues and enjoy the moments and the pictures without those runny mascara lines.


 Bridal Beauty Tip # 8

You Are Going to Need to Pee

 If you do not want to take your dress off when going to the bathroom, sit on the toilet backwards.

Your train and your bustle will be out of the way.

Have your MOH stand by in case you need help.

Be sure to practice bathroom breaks so you will be prepared on your wedding day.

Bridal Beauty Tip # 9

You’ll Want to Cool Down

Bridal Beauty Tips for Your Wedding Day - 11 Things You Wish You Knew #weddingday #bridal

If you are feeling hot when preparing for your wedding day, run your wrists under cold tap water for at least five minutes.

It will cool your blood and you will feel cool all over and ready for your big day.

Works great later in the day too, if you get overheated at the reception.

A bit of ice in a sealed bag and wrapped in a washcloth or napkin and placed on the back of your neck will also cool you down quickly.


Bridal Beauty Tip # 10

Don’t Overdue the Perfume

 Don’t overdo the perfume on your wedding day.

If you are wearing a new “special” perfume or cologne, do a test run with your partner in advance.  There is always the possibility that he/she will not like it or even be allergic to it.  Better to know, than get the wrong kind of wedding surprise.

Heavy perfumes can make you or others nauseous.

They also attracts bugs, so be wary if you are having an outdoor ceremony, reception or pictures.

(The same is true for the groom’s cologne.)

Bridal Beauty Tip # 11

Don’t Forget Your Lipstick

Bridal Beauty Tips for Your Wedding Day - 11 Things You Wish You Knew #bridalbeauty #bride  If you are having a makeup artist, be sure to pack lipstick for touching up throughout the day.

Ask for the brand and shade she is using when you have your makeup trial and either purchase from her or match it with your own brand.

If you are doing your own makeup, you’ll want to take a touch-up kit with you.

Ask your MOH to check your makeup before pictures, your reception entrance, cake cutting, etc. and be on hand to help with a quick touch up, if needed.


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